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Servicing families in Mississauga for over ten years, our methodology allows us to uncover every single opportunity to reduce or defer your tax bill. We also help you to understand how the taxation rules apply to your case and advise you in how to maximize your deductions.

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We are a boutique firm that prides itself in offering the personal attention to detail you deserve.  Our proven in-depth knowledge of tax rules in Canada will give you the confidence to take the stress out of tax season. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our tax experts.

Other income (T-Slips)


Income from work related slips (T4 slips, T4A), Income from government programs slips (T4E), Income from investment slips (T3, T5, T4RSP, T5008, T5007), Tuition / education receipts (T2202A)

RRSP contributions, Professional or union dues, Medical expenses, Transit pass, Charitable donations, Child care expenses, Children’s arts and sports programs, Interest paid on student loans, Rent receipts or Property Tax payments

Other documentation

Notice of Assessment/Reassessment,

Statement of investment transactions,

Disability Tax Credit Certificate

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