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Business Owners

We specialize in helping business owners in the preparation of their financial statements and income tax return. Whether it is a simple Self-employed sole proprietors case or a more complex incorporated corporation case we are here to support our entrepreneur clients with sound income tax advice. 

Let us help you take advantage of all allowable expenses and reduce your tax bill starting today

We help solve your Income Tax Challenges accurately and efficiently.

Below is a list of the most common documents required to prepare your income tax return.

Other income (T-Slips)

Income from work related slips (T4 slips, T4A), Income from government programs slips (T4E, RC62), Income from investment slips (T3, T5, T5008, T5007), Tuition / education receipts (T2202A), Retirement benefits (T4A-OAS, T4AP)

Receipts for all Business expenses

Advertisement, Insurance, Office supplies and services

phone-line, cellular phone, Internet, Car Expenses for Business Use, Rent agreement of office or Home-office expenses


RRSP contributions, Professional or union dues, Medical expenses, Transit pass, Charitable donations, Child care expenses, Children’s arts and sports programs, Interest paid on student loans

Other documentation

Notice of Assessment/Reassessment,

Statement of investment transactions,

Disability Tax Credit Certificate

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